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Trump Tragedy and American Malaise

Dr. Ilias Iliopoulos


So, this was the climax of the “Trump Tragedy”: “The President who started no wars abroad destroyed his legacy at home” as Doug Bandow has put it? 

Paraphrasing an African-American scholar, Thomas Sowell, it is amazing how many people in the ruling U.S., and in fact global elites seem to have discovered on January 6, 2021, that riots are wrong -- when those same people apparently had not noticed that when riots, burnings, destruction, and lootings of private and public property, vandalism and desecration of state buildings and memorials, and even killings of people by extremist mobs went on, for months, in various cities across the United States.

Donald Trump has stumbled and fallen, and the ruling elites (Big Business, Big Tech, mainstream media, political dynasties, Deep State) – that had never accepted his election and unleashed an unprecedented Total War on him before, during, and after his election and throughout his entire presidency – seized this last opportunity to stomp him and the new conservative revolution to death. 

Yet, Trump was the symptom, not the cause of the American malaise. 

Inside America, as in Western Europe, there is a crisis of values and identity, and a demographic and moral decline of historical proportions – a result of the ideological hegemony of a post-modern, genuinely totalitarian Progressivism, in fact Cultural Marxism since “1968”. In the understanding of the ruling U.S., and in fact supra-national financial, media and bureaucratic elites, America must be an entity which is borderless, post-national, post-democratic, a-sexual, and most significantly a-historical.

Social dislocation leads to matrix construction. George Orwell’s “1984” is already obsolete and passé; not remotely did Oceania’s “IngSoc” possess such powerful and manifold mechanisms, tools and capabilities of total surveillance and control of people’s minds and thoughts as do the ruling elites in today’s American Meta-Democracy, and elsewhere in the “West”.


These elites are neither willing nor capable of change. There will be no national reconciliation this time. There is horizontal polarization. Common working people who still believe in the Republic of the Founding Fathers, freedom, family, a sovereign nation state, and One Nation Under God, all belong, in the eyes of the nomenclature, in a “basket of deplorables” as Hillary Clinton put it in 2016, for being “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic” and so on. Trotsky would have not expressed it in different terms!


Free speech has been banned from university campuses and mainstream and new social media. Public discourse is curtailed by surveillance and censorship by media inquisitors, Big Tech (Twitter, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Google) and “ThinkPol” – and by character assassination: every dissident is stigmatized and ostracized as ‘fascist”, “racist”, or just another “white male chauvinist pig.” Obedience to Political Correctness – a secularized re-edition of Calvinist-Puritan Zealotism – has become mandatory. Historical De-constructivism, in order to get Homer, Shakespeare, and even Abraham Lincoln's name and statue removed from schools, universities and public squares, tells us a lot about what is profoundly wrong with today’s America.

COVID-19 has accelerated these trends. Where does it all end? Inertia, repression, civil conflict – it remains to be seen. After the 9/11 attacks came the 2008 financial crisis; COVID-19 may cause a Great Depression, or worse. The War Party is back onboard. The rest of the world may be prepared for new, perpetual wars “to make the world safe for democracy.”


          Dr. Ilias Iliopoulos

               A Scholar and Professor of diplomatic history and international relations at the National University of Athens.
              His research spans a variety of fields from maritime
and naval history to geopolitics, foreign policy as well as strategic studies.