Vol. 7, No. 37, April, 2018
  • Tokyo Reaches Out: Military Engagement Sought With Japan’s Regional Allies
    David Scott
  • Development of PLA’s Marine Corps
    Pei-sung Ho
  • Bolton Appointment Augurs Well
    Dean Karalekas
  • Taiwan and the Indo-Pacific Strategy
    Charles Yang
  • Xi Jinping’s Growing Power
    Tobias Burgers

From The Editor

The editors and staff of Strategic Vision would like to wish our readers well this spring season. The Asia-Pacific continues to undergo important developments. We hope that students and scholars in the academic and policymaking communities have the chance to keep up with these events. In support of that effort, we offer our latest issue of Strategic Vision.

We open this issue with Dr. David Scott, a frequent lecturer at the NATO Defense College in Rome, who looks at Japan’s developing hedging strategies in response to China’s rise.

Next, Colonel Pei-sung Ho of the ROC Marine Corps, a lecturer at Taiwan’s National Defense University, examines new developments in China’s Marine Corps. This is followed by an analysis of Xi Jinping’s consolidation of power over the PLA and its potential implications by Tobias Burgers, currently a visiting researcher at the Institute of International Relations in Taipei.

Strategic Vision’s own Dean Karalekas takes a look at how China has shifted the focus of its salami-slicing efforts from the South China Sea to Taiwan, and asks whether the appointment of a hawk like John Bolton to the Trump White House might turn out to be a boon for Taipei.

Finally, Charles Yang, from the Graduate Institute of National Development at National Taiwan University argues that Taiwan should participate in the emerging Indo-Pacific Strategy.

We hope you enjoy this issue, and look forward to bringing you the finest analysis and reporting on the issues of importance to security in the Taiwan Strait and the Asia-Pacific region.