Vol. 8, No. 40, February, 2019

Taiwan and the Sino-US Trade War

Hon-min Yau

Improving Washington-Taipei Ties 

Shao-cheng Sun

EU policies on Israel and Turkey 

Csaba Moldicz

A Sphere of Tension in India and Pakistan

Raviprasad Narayanan

Taipei’s New Southbound Policy

Pou Sothirak


From The Editor

We here at Strategic Vision are honored to embark upon our eighth year in publication, and are glad to have you join us as we continue to analyze the events and trends in cross-strait and Asia-Pacific security as they reshape our world. In addition, it is our fervent hope that you had a wonder- ful Lunar New Year, and that the Year of the Pig has something good in store for all our readers.

We open this issue with Hon-min Yau, who is an assistant pro- fessor in the ROC National Defense University and looks at the brewing trade war between the United States and China, and what implications it has for security in Taiwan. Next, Assistant Professor Shao-cheng Sun of The Citadel offers his own take on this issue, suggesting that US-Taiwan relations are improving in face of China’s increasing military and diplomatic threats against the island.

Dr. Csaba Moldicz, head of research at the Oriental Business and Innovation Center with the Budapest Business School, ana- lyzes the influence that Central European countries have within the European Union with respect to the enactment of EU poli- cies on Israel and Turkey.

Next, Dr. Raviprasad Narayanan of Jawaharlal Nehru University, who is a member of Strategic Vision’s editorial board, offers his take on the recent rise in tensions between India and Pakistan following the terror attack and subsequent military action in Jammu and Kashmir.

Finally, Executive Director Pou Sothirak of the Cambodian Institute for Cooperation and Peace offers an overview of the suc- cess and continued potential of Taipei’s New Southbound Policy.

Once again, we are extremely proud to continue providing the very best in coverage and analysis of the military, security, and political changes that affect our region, and are glad to play a part in keeping our readers up to date with the information they need.

We hope our regular readers enjoy this, our first issue of 2019, and that our new readers continue to follow us in subsequent issues. Once again, the editors and staff of Strategic Vision wish you a Happy New Year.

-Dr. Fu-Kuo Liu
Editor Strategic Vision