Vol. 8, No. 41, April, 2019
Indonesia Seeks Balance 
David Scott

Trump Pushing China on IP Theft
Dean Karalekas

US Commitment to Taiwan Defence 
Robert McCoy

Taiwan’s Humanitarian Aid Diplomacy 
Lai Hui-chen

Kuomintang Foreign Policy 
Charles Yang

From The Editor

Much has happened of importance to Asia- Pacific security since our last issue, and the edi- tors of Strategic Vision are proud to bring you an

in-depth analysis of the events taking place that continue to shape our region.

We begin with an article by Dr. David Scott, a regular pre- senter on Indo-Pacific geopolitics at the NATO Defense College in Rome, who offers his analysis of the Indonesian government’s efforts to find a balance despite being at a tense Indo-Pacific crossroads. Next, we take a look at how the ad- ministration of US President Donald Trump is pushing back against China’s longstanding efforts to steal technology and trade secrets from the US firms, in a piece by Strategic Vision’s associate editor, Dr. Dean Karalekas.

This is followed by a retired US Air Force Korean linguist, Robert McCoy, who argues that voices critical of America’s defense relationship with Taiwan are predicated on a failure to understand the realities of the cross-strait situation. Next, Lieutenant Commander Lai Hui-chen, an ROC Naval officer currently posted with the ROC National Defense University, offers his take on maritime non-traditional security issues such as humanitarian assistance, and how these present op- portunities for Taiwan’s diplomatic efforts.

Finally, Charles Yang, who is an expert in the political-eco- nomic development of China, examines the foreign policy of the Kuonintang party, specifically on the relative importance it places on Taiwan’s ties with the United States and China.

We hope our readers find this an informative and enjoyable issue, and we look forward to continuing to bring you the highest-quality analysis and reporting on topics of importance to cross-strait and regional security.

-Dr. Fu-Kuo Liu
Editor Strategic Vision