Vol. 8, No. 42, June, 2019

Japan steps up in Indo-Pacific Region 

Nguyen Vo Huyen Dung

Space Race with China unlike that of Cold War

Tonio Savina

Chinese National Interests and the Suffering in Myanmar

Hon-min Yau

Trump’s Trade War with China 

Shao-cheng Sun

Problems with South Africa’s Intelligence Community 

Bheki Mthiza Patrick Dlamini

From The Editor

The editors and staff at Strategic Vision would like to express our thanks to our loyal readers, and we hope we can continue to provide the most timely and reli- able analysis and information on topics affecting cross-strait and regional security. To that end, we are pleased to offer this, our latest issue.

We open this issue with an examination of Japan’s recent moves, under Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, to take on a more proactive role in the Indo-Pacific region, by Nguyen Vo Huyen Dung, who is head of the International Relations Division at the University of Danang in Vietnam. Following this, Tonio Savina, a doctoral student at the Italian Institute of Oriental Studies at Rome’s Sapienza University, examines the com- petition between China and America in the realm of space, and how this differs substantially from the space race with the Soviets.

Next, regular contributor Dr. Hon-min Yau, an assistant professor at the ROC National Defense University, looks at the reasons behind Beijing’s use of its UN veto power to pro- long the ongoing humanitarian crisis afflicting Myanmar’s Rohingya people.

This is followed by an article by Dr. Shao-cheng Sun, an as- sistant professor at The Citadel, who looks at the ins and outs of the ongoing trade war between the Trump administration and China. Finally, Bheki Mthiza Patrick Dlamini, a Master’s student at National Defense University’s Graduate Institute of Strategic Studies, explains the problems that South Africa is experiencing with an intelligence apparatus that has insuf- ficient oversight.

We hope you enjoy this issue, and we look forward to fol- lowing the topics that affect our lives in the Asia Pacific as we move in to the autumn season.

-Dr. Fu-Kuo Liu
Editor Strategic Vision