Mignonne Man-jung Chan
Research Fellow
專業領域:National Security, International Organizations, Global Governance, International Political Economy, Business & Government Relations, Regional Economic Integration, Global Business Environment, Cross-Taiwan-Strait Relations, Negotiation Theories & Practice
Ph.D., Political Economy, Boston University, USA
Research Fields
National Security, International Organizations, Global Governance, International Political Economy, Business & Government Relations, Regional Economic Integration, Global Business Environment, Cross-Taiwan-Strait Relations, Negotiation Theories & Practices, and International Parliamentary Procedure.
Dr. Mignonne Man-jung CHAN has extensive experience in academia, government, business, and media. She is Chief Strategy Officer of the Humanities Forum as well as the Healthy Asia, and sits in many Boards, including Commissioner of the KMT Party Review & Disciplinary Commission, Board Member of the National Policy Research Foundation, Independent Non-Executive Director of Standard Chartered Bank (Taiwan), Executive Board Member of Association of Emerging Market Studies, Association of Strategic Environmental Resources, and the Sino-U.S. Economic & Cultural Association.

Dr. Chan currently also serves as Senior Advisor to Taiwan Institute of Economic Research, Taiwan Research Institute, and the Chinese Cyan Geese Peace Education Foundation. She is also Visiting Associated Professor for the MBA program and the International College of Innovation at the National Chengchi University in Taiwan .

Dr. Chan used to serve as KMT Member of the Parliament at-Large and sat as Chair of the Judicial Committee in 2016. She was Senior Adviser to President Ma Ying-Jeou at the National Security Council of ROC 2008~2010, Director General of International Secretariat of Pacific Economic Cooperation Council (PECC) 1999~200; Director (Research) at the International Secretariat of Asia-Pacific Cooperation Council (APEC) 1996~1999, and Chief of Staff at the APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC). In addition, she used to serve as Research Associate at the Harvard University Negotiation Roundtable—a consortium organized by Schools of Law, Business, and Government. She also served as Research Associate at the Christian Science Monitor TV.