Tae-Woo Park
Non-Resident Researcher
專業領域:Expertise: International Political Economy, International Politics, Economic Development, Korean Politics, US-Korea Policy, East Asian Politics


Adjunct Professor & Visiting Professor, the Graduate School of International Area Studies, the Hankook Univ. of Foreign Studies (2017 Feb.-2020 Feb.)


Research Professor, Institute of Sustainable Development, Korea University, the Division of International Studies, the Graduate School of International Studies (2011 Sep.-2017 Sep.)


Visiting Scholar, College of International Affairs, National Chengchi Univ., the Republic of China (2014 Sep.-2018 Sep.)


Visiting Scholar, the Institute of International Relations (IIR), Republic of China (2004 Oct.-2005)


Visiting Professor, Dept. of Diplomacy, National Chengchi Univ., the Republic of China (2004 Oct.-2005 Feb.)


Chief Assistant to former Presidential Candidate, Rhee, In-je (6 term MP), Korea National Assembly (2000 Jul.-2004 Feb., Defense Committee/Diplomatic and Unification Committee)


Deputy-Director, Economic Cooperation Division, International Economic Affairs Bureau, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Republic of Korea (2000 Feb.-2000 May)


Deputy-Director, ASEM Division, Multilateral Trade Affairs Bureau, Commercial Negotiation Headquarter, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Republic of Korea (1999 Feb.-2000 Feb.)


Deputy-Director, Asia-Middle East Commercial Affairs Section, Commercial Cooperation Bureau, Ministry of Industry, Commerce, and Energy, Republic of Korea (1998 Oct.-1999 Feb.)





Ph.D. in Politics, University of Hull, UK (1993 Oct.-1993, Jul., Full Scholarship of British Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Chevening Award)


MA in Politics, Northeast Asian Studies, the Graduate Institute of Peace Studies, Kyunghee University (1991 Mar.-1993 Aug., Full Scholarship)


BA in Political Science and Diplomacy, Minor in English, Hankook Univ. of Foreign Studies (1978 Mar.-1991 Feb.)

Prof. Tae-Woo Park has experienced a wide range of careers as trade diplomat, academics, poet, NGO activist, and as a parliamentary and mayoral election candidate and so on. He has lectured on Globalization & Culture, World Cultures and Society, War and Peace, Special Topics on International Relations, Advanced Seminar for Specific Society, Economic Development and Social Change, Global Perspective, European Integration, Korean Politics, Policy Theory, International Political Economy, International Relations Theory, International Organizations, East Asian Politics, South-North Korea Integration, Chinese Politics, Chinese Political Economy, European Politics, European Integration, Major Issues in International Politics, and Political Economy in North East Asia both in English and Korean.


In the past, he served as Director & Auditor for The Korean Political Science Association, The Korean Association of International Studies, and The Association of Contemporary European Studies; he was also affiliated with The Institute for Far Eastern Studies as Research Fellow, KyungNam Univ., and The Yoido Institute, the think-tank of the Grand National Party, as a policy advisor. He joined politics as Deputy-Spokesman of the Grand National Party in South Korea.


As a recognized poet, he has published more than 7 poetry books and has written more than 1000 articles and columns in Korean and English. His works and publications appear in major dailies and internet newspapers such as DongAh Daily News, The Korea Times, JoongAng Daily, Monthly Chosun, The Frontier Times, Breaknews and so on; 7 books in his field of expertise have also been published to date.

Latest Publications:

“Prospect on the Future North Korea-US Relations: Analysis through the North Korean Nuclear Crisis (2017-19)” / Korean National Assembly Research Program (2019)


“The Future of ROK-US Relations Analyzed through the Prism of GSOMIA Scandal with much Focus on the Moon Administration’s Diplomatic Line toward Washington” / Korea National Assembly Research Program (2019)


“Past, Present and Future of the Relationship between ROK and PRC through Three No Policy, Korea National Assembly Research Program” (2020 May)