Strategic Vision - June 2020

BeiDou Satellites Sharpen Threat from PLA

Chris Liu

Beijing Leverages COVID to Supplant US Hegemony 

Patrick Mendis & Dominique Reichenbach

PRC Envoys Embrace ‘Wolf Warrior’ Diplomacy 

Hon-min Yau & Bheki Mthiza Patrick Dlamini

India’s Relations with North Korea

Prashant Kumar Singh

China’s Unstable Ties with India and Japan

Amrita Jash

From The Editor

While the world continues to suffer from the economic shutdowns implemented to fight the spread of COVID-19, the events that threaten an impact on the security of the Asia-Pacific region continue to transpire unabated, and the staff and editors here at Strategic Vision are committed to continuing our coverage and providing the finest on reporting and analysis.

We begin this month with an article by Chris Liu, a Ph.D. student at the ROC National Defense University, about China’s BeiDou satellite system and its integration with geographic information, the Internet of things, big data, and mobile communication, and how this presents a threat to Taiwan, and regional, security. Next, Patrick Mendis and Dominique Reichenbach offer their take on the US-China rivalry, and how Beijing is leveraging the COVID-19 pandemic in an attempt to fill the international vacuum being created by the United States’ America First strategy.

We follow this up with an analysis, provided by Hon-min Yau and Bheki Mthiza Patrick Dlamini, of the recent emergence of the new practice of “wolf warrior” diplomacy on the part of PRC representatives as they press China’s interests abroad. Next, Prashant Kumar Singh looks at India’s relations with North Korea and how New Delhi is keeping the channels of communication open with the Pyongyang regime. Finally, Amrita Jash of the Center for Land Warfare Studies in New Delhi examines the effect of the pandemic on China’s complex relations with India and Japan.

We wish our regular readers all the best during this difficult time, and we hope to continue providing you with timely analysis and policy recommendations as the region and the world slowly emerge from the global pandemic, and as we prepare to resume our normal lives.

Dr. Fu-Kuo Liu
Strategic Vision